Hey newbie! Welcome to La Trobe University!

Hey newbie! Welcome to La Trobe University!
To help you begin your journey, I’ve written a quick guide on navigating your life on campus. LTU is a great Uni; it has awesome teaching staff, a great Student Union and some incredible Clubs and Societies (if you haven’t already, check out LTSU Clubs and Societies page on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/297535235266454/)

The best coffee on campus:

Hands down, it must be House of Cards. Not only do they use the best soy milk ever (I’m all about that Happy, Happy Soy Boy, I’ve suffered through enough bad soy milk in my time), but they also offer biodegradable cups, have a quirky ordering system, and their staff always radiate the best vibes.

Better yet, they do 10/10 toasties. Picture this; you’ve just arrived on campus early on a winter’s morning. It’s cold as fuck. You rock up to get your morning cup of joe but are quickly distracted by the intoxicating aroma of fresh bread, baked beans and cheese. I’ve never done cocaine, but I can’t imagine it’s better than a piping hot toastie on a cold winters morning.

For full disclosure, I don’t do dairy. But, I have it on very good authority that the Nutella Hot Chocolate at Nuts-About-Tella is a solid 10/10.

My good friend, Joel Blanch, is a dairy aficionado (but don’t tell his GP) and has given me the following quotes:

“MMM… nice”


“This heals my soul, who needs therapy”

And finally, “Clare, you’re literally wasting your life. Drink the god damned milk”

Best places to study:

TLC, Level 3

I seriously debated whether I should be completely honest with this one. I don’t want people snaking my good secret study spots. Alas, here is my number 1. All of TLC is a really good study location, the general rule is – the more levels you climb, the quieter it is. Bonus heads up, you can book the study rooms on that level. Get together with a couple of mates and book it out for a few hours. It’s like heaven on earth. Important tip: If you’re like me and fond of an ‘A Beautiful Mind’ moment, bring some Whiteboard Markers and bring your study notes to life!

Your Common Room

In case you didn’t know (and I know a lot of second and third-year students don’t), there are LOTS of Common Rooms on Campus, and all available to you at all times! Check-in with your Department Heads and Societies for information on the location of your Common Room and other communal spaces you can use to study. Common Rooms are also good places for low-key events, so get in touch with your Societies and see what’s on offer.

Best Nature Spots

On campus, the best nature spot has to be the International Gardens. Located close to the Agora, just behind the Agora Theatre, and close to the Bus Terminal, the International Gardens is a sight to behold. There is wonderfully soft grass, beautiful trees and gorgeous flowers in abundance. On a sunny day, you should park yourself there with a snack and bask in the gloriousness of it all (with good sunscreen, sun damage was so last century).

I’m going to catch some flack for this, but I strongly believe that if you’re looking for some hardy outdoor time and like to stretch your legs, you should venture a little further out and stop by Bundoora Park. It is located on Plenty Road, just across the street from Polaris. It is a big and wonderful natural escape, perfect for avoiding the stress of university life. It even has a little farm and café for all of you closet nature lovers. Better yet, the café has views of the Nature Reserve; if you pick a good spot and hang around a while, you’re guaranteed to spot a kangaroo or emu.

Two up-and-coming clubs

For anyone who has ever had the misfortune of going out to dinner with me, they know I can’t choose just one thing, and I definitely don’t choose quickly. In this theme, I have decided to list three up-and-coming clubs at LTU that you should absolutely check out.

Society of Skate (SoS)

Are u rad and a lover of wheels? Then SoS is the place for you! The Society of Skate is a welcoming place for lovers of the skatepark at La Trobe, welcoming all wheels and skill levels. On a personal note, @SoS please consider this shout out a request for more roller-skating content on campus! I love that shit <3

Check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/societyofskateltu

LTU Anthropological Society

The Anthro Society is a self-proclaimed group of people interested in groups of people. Full of all the best content related to Anthropology and the lives of the humans at La Trobe. If you’re interested in joining the society, you can find their Facebook discussion space here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/300516535151603/

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP La Trobe)

SSDP is a grassroots student movement aimed at raising awareness around the inappropriateness of current drug policy in Australia and its negative impacts on our society. The SSDP has been advocating for an evidence-based drug policy to repeal legislation that unfairly targets students and young people. Join the cause and advocate for justice for young people! Find them here: https://www.facebook.com/LaTrobeSSDP

Some bonus tips for life at La Trobe:

  • Get a diary or calendar. I can’t tell you how many deadlines I’ve nearly missed because I thought I’d remember. Learn from my mistakes, please.
  • C’s get degrees, but B’s get you options. I wish someone had told me this sooner (or that I’d listened when people told me), but try really hard to keep your weighted average mark or WAM above 70. It’ll save you a lot of stress if you’re wanting to go into the Public System or do a follow-up degree.
  • Didn’t get the content done? Go to class anyway. You’ll always be better off attending than not, and where you can, go in person. Teaching staff are forever rewarding people who turn up in person with helpful tips and, in some cases, tasty treats. Trust me, come to campus.
  • Finally, if you want to have a good time on campus, join a club or society. I made the mistake of not joining for the first couple of years, and now that I have, I love coming to uni. I have friends to eat with, know the people in my classes, go to events, and have opportunities. So join a Sports Team, join an Academic Society, join a Political Club and join your Student Union! Make the most of your time at uni, because you won’t remember the classes you took, you’ll remember the friends you made and the good times you had.